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10-14 April, 2000


Monday, 10 April
The President of the Republic of Lithuania, Valdas Adamkus, received Sviatoslav Fiodorov, a Russian ophthalmologist and public figure, who introduced the President to the achievements of Russian ophthalmologists.
President Adamkus initiated the meeting with the Microsoft Director for the Baltic Region, Bo Kruse, the Lithuanian Telecom Director, Tapio Parma, and the Lithuanian Minister of Education and Science, Kornelijus Platelis.
The meeting focused on the joined project of the Microsoft, the Lithuanian Telecom and the Ministry of Education and Science designed to introduce computer technologies in the schools of Lithuania.
President Adamkus congratulated the private companies and NGOs on their initiative to upgrade the national education system and called on the management of the Microsoft and the Lithuanian Telecom to jointly contribute to computerisation of Lithuanian schools.
Tuesday, 11 April
President Valdas Adamkus congratulated the President of the Republic of Georgia on his re-election for the second term of office. In his congratulatory telegram President Adamkus expressed hope that relations between Lithuania and Georgia would be further developed to the benefit of both the states.
On the same day President Adamkus received the Ambassador of Chile to Lithuania, Raul Schmidt Dussailant, who will shortly complete his diplomatic service in Lithuania.
The President noted with satisfaction the initiative of the Ambassador, which resulted in the signing of the agreement between the Lithuanian Economic Development Agency, the Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the respective institutions of Chile.
The President also noted that Chile is the only state of South America to have signed with Lithuania the agreement on visa free movement.
Thursday, 13 April
President Adamkus received Andrzey Stelmachowski, the Chairman of the Polish organisation Wspolnota Polska. The Chairman informed the President about the activities of his organisation, which are focused on the implementation of cultural and educational projects designed for the Polish national minority in Lithuania.
The Lithuanian leader emphasised that Lithuania pays a considerable attention to the problems of the Polish national minority in Lithuania.
President Valdas Adamkus received the Ambassador of Turkey to Lithuania, Ilhami Altan Karamanoglu, who will shortly complete his term of office, and thanked him for constructive co-operation.
President Adamkus thanked Ambassador Karamanoglu for Turkey's support to Lithuania's integration into NATO and expressed hope that relations between the two states would be further developed on the basis of mutual confidence.
Friday, 14 April
The President of Lithuania received the Executive Director Kenneth Klothen of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Holocaust Assets in the United States. Kenneth Klothen informed President Adamkus about the Commission's activities and goals and discussed the possibility of exchange of information and access to the archives.
The Executive Director of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Holocaust Assets in the United States expressed his appreciation of Lithuania's commitment to disclose the facts of history and noted that it would ensure democratic stability in the country.
The President of Lithuania congratulated the Danish Queen Margrethe II on her birthday.
"In the name of the people of Lithuania I wish Your Majesty happiness and the best of success in all your endeavours," the President said in his congratulatory telegram. President Adamkus also emphasised the close relations between the people of the Republic of Lithuania and the Kingdom of Denmark and expressed hope that co-operation between the two countries would be successfully developed in the future.

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