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2001.01.15 Константин Эггерт, "Президент Литвы: нужно смотреть вперед", BBC World Russia
2002.07.03 Interview of the President of the Republic of Lithuania to the Lithuanian Radio
2002.01.27 John McLaughlin's "One on One" with Valdas Adamkus, President of Lithuania
2001.09.24 Derek Scally "Lithuanian leader sees Ireland as EU model", Irish Times
2001.06.24 R.C. Longworth "Lithuania's leader reflects on journey from East to West", Chicago Tribune
2001.02.19 John Daniszewski, "10 Years After Defying Soviets, Lithuania Preens For Wider Role", Los Angeles Times
2000.09.22 John Masanauskas "President Reliving Basketball Glories", The Herald Sun(Australia)
2000.09.17 Evan Osnos "Valdas Adamkus: President of Lithuania", Chicago Tribune
1999.02.08 Andrew Meier "Yankees, Come Home: Americans are returning to Lithuania to do business-and run the country", Time
1999.01.30 Klaus Susiluoto "Nordicum interviews Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus", Nordicum
1998.11.25 Stefan Wagstyl "Return to Native", Financial Times

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