Orders of the State of Lithuania:
Order of Vytautas the Great
Order of the Cross of Vytis (the Knight)
Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas
Medals and Other Awards:
Medal of the Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas
Medal of the Founding Volunteers of the Lithuanian Army
Independence Medal
Life Saving Cross
Medal of January 13
Medal of Darius and Girėnas

Life Saving Cross

Life Saving Cross
Life Saving Cross

Reverse Life Saving Cross
Reverse of the Life Saving Cross

The Life Saving Cross is conferred on persons who, despite danger to them, performed acts of bravery in saving the life of other people.

The Life Saving Cross may be awarded to both Lithuanian citizens and foreign nationals for saving human life on the territory of the Republic Lithuania and saving the life of Lithuanian citizens in foreign countries.

In pre-war Lithuania this Cross was conferred on 44 persons and 345 persons have been honoured with it since the restoration of the independence.

The majority of the recipients awarded the Life Saving Cross in recent years are citizens of Lithuania who saved the Jews during Nazi occupation. In case of a posthumous award, the insignia as well as the certificate of the Cross are presented to the family. Around 250 persons were awarded the Life Saving Cross for this act of bravery during the Second World War.

The other group of recipients includes those who acted with distinction in saving human lives in case of fires and natural calamities. Several dozens of children and adolescents who saved drowning people or fire victims were honoured with this distinction.

Before World War II this distinction bore a slightly different name. It was produced at the workshops of the French jewellery factory "Arthus Bertrand" in Paris. The first insignia of the re-instituted Life Saving Cross were made at the Vilnius Artworks' Association, but in later years this task was entrusted to the Company "Gurtana."

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